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Want to De-Stress, De-Dramatize Your Life ?
Are you a professional stuck in a rut?
Are daily stressors taking over the joy in your life?
Do you find yourself in unhealthy thought patterns?
Are your emotional states wearing you out?
Are you gearing up for a burnout?

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Deal With Stress Today is a Holistic Approach to
- Stress Reduction and Management
– Relationship Challenges
- Work/Job Challenges

– Public Speaking Stress
– Mindfulness
– Spiritual Direction
– Life Transitions
– Anger Management
– Trauma
– Grief and Loss
– Sadness
– Heal Emotional Wounds
– Forgiveness

It has been proven that it helps to de-stress by talking things out in a productive and insightful way.   It is particularly useful to have someone outside our daily network of friends and family.  Someone who can give us an alternate view and a new look at options and choices; someone skilled in their profession.

Dealing with stress today can feel like a monumental task.  We are met with the continuance of economic stressors, work and family concerns, relationships, keeping up with modern technology, and the frustrations of everyday hassles. Yet, many are finding the benefits of understanding the dynamics of stress, how to cope, and ways to move forward.

Donna can help you sort out your thoughts and your emotions and give you essential feedback and direction.

With busy schedules we often don’t find the time to seek out and travel to a professional. However, with our ever changing world rapidly expanding, many are using non-traditional methods of seeking immediate assistance for stress relief.

Countless others now consider using private phone consultations with a respected professional, a legitimate consultant, counselor, or confidante (one to privately confide in).  Phone consultations can even help some people to speak more freely and feel more comfortable than they would in a normal face-to-face situation.

Phone consultations eliminate the need to drive to appointments due to time constraints or travel difficulties, be it near or far, and still receiving quality guidance or feedback.


- Learn how to exercise effective tools for de-stressing even in the midst of chaos
– Learn new methods for handling real life situations
– Gain insight into understanding your emotions and personal triggers
– Shift long held mental images and situations that prevent decision making
– Become more conscious and mindful of your thoughts and your inner senses
– Set priorities and goals
– Explore stress coping mechanisms that work for you
– Set boundaries in all relationships
– How to say “NO” without guilt
- Use Spiritual principals in all situations
- Recognize and lessen unhealthy reactions that heighten drama and stress
– Create daily rituals and habits to center oneself
– Apply Mindfulness and Meditation


Phone Coaching, Consultations or On-Site Counseling Available
A 100% FREE, no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation is available for anyone who is interested in doing private confidential work with Donna. Chat with her via phone or webcam and get a sense if you two are a good fit. You will not be charged or asked to provide your credit card information. The call is FREE and completely confidential.

Call 734-420-2935 for relief and peace of mind. Donna can assist you in your change process as she has assisted countless others. Healing is an ongoing process and you can make the decision to start now.
“Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.”    Unknown

You Deserve to Experience Abundant Energy, Have Healthy Relationships, and Introduce More Fun Into Your Life!

Donna’s specially designed programs will give you all the tools you need to say goodbye to your old feelings of stress and fear, and hello to a new positive life filled with peace, love and joy!

  • Learn how to deal with the chaos around you with calm and confidence.
  • Increase your productivity!
  • Have more fun and confidence in your relationships!
  • Achieve relief from fear, performance anxiety and depression – without drugs.
  • Discover your Emotional Intelligence and how to use it.

It is Time that you Learn How to De-Stress Your Life Once and For All!

I want you to have my E- book: “De-Stress and De-Dramatize Your Life: 9 Proven Tools to Peace, Confidence and Joy …” (a $97 value) for FREE as my gift to get you started on a stress-free life!

Here’s what I will teach you in 9 simple steps …

Learn all about how to…

  • Assess Your Self-Awareness
  • Reduce Stress by the Use of Deep Breathing
  • Practice Mindfulness to live in the present moment
  • Take steps to give Gratitude and have Appreciation for the blessings in your life
  • Create and use Daily Affirmations and embrace Kindness
  • Practice daily silence, meditation and prayer
  • Be present in your body with Movement. Stretching and Exercise
  • Develop Support Systems to help you on your journey
  • Explore Mind Style Changes to understand how your emotions and reactions work

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Live the Life You Were Meant to Live!

Donna Marie

P.S. A BONUS: As a personal thank you for requesting my ebook, “De-Stress and De-Dramatize Your Life: 8 Proven Tools to Peace, Confidence and Joy.” Listen to an excerpt from my CD, part of my Meditation Audio Program, as a gift! Let the soothing sounds and deep relaxation start you off on your journey to peace, relaxation and joy.